Saratov, Kirov Prospect, 25 Saratov, Kirov Prospect, 25

booking: 007 927-226-03-08 booking: 007 927-226-03-08

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About us


Nemetskaya street is the heart of old bourgeois Saratov. One of the best mini-hotels of the city – “Kayut-Kompaniya” (“The Longroom”) – is located here, in a classical XIX century mansion in the heart of the oldest street of the city. High ceilings in spacious airy rooms give you an example of Russian middle-class’ excellent taste. Enjoy the clean air in our rooms – there is no traffic along the Nemetskaya street, so you can feel Russian life in every breath of air. The location of the hotel is truly unique: it is surrounded by historic landmarks of the XIX century.Kayut-Kompaniya” (“The Longroom”) is not just a mini-hotel in an old historic building. It has a magnificent atmosphere and offers a high-quality service for those who know the worth. In nearby shopping centers – TSUM (central department store), Detskiy Mir and the whole lot of other shops and boutiques – you can find everything you need. Businessmen will be pleased to find different banks within reach. Various restaurants, cafe, bars, cinema and bowling are not far from the hotel, so you will have no trouble in filling your leisure time.

For your pleasure we offer:

- high-qualified staff. Each one of our guests gets full attention;
- the variety of European, Asian and Japanese cuisine;
- transfer for a fee and for free, courier service, ticket-booking;
- interpreting services.


“Kayut-Kompaniya” (“The Longroom”) has a unique feel, and marine motives in the furnishings will make your pleasant stay here stick to your memory.


Complimentary services:

- Wi-Fi;
- Breakfast, lunch and supper delivered to your room;
- Transfer terminal station – hotel - terminal station for guests staying over 2 days;
- Everyday room-cleaning;
- Tea, coffee and table water.


If you know how to make our service better please mail to or contact us on the phone: 007 (8452)26-07-82, 007 (8452) 911-900.



Saratov, Kirov Prospect, 25

booking: 007 927-226-03-08

phone/fax: 007(8452)26-07-82

phone: 007(8452)911-900